Rental/house management system

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This a completely rental management system for house owners. It is reasonable for any sort of houses for rent. Landlords will never again have an awkward time looking through voluminous book records attempting to refresh their occupants subtleties yet rather are given a natural administration dashboard that gives them a knowledge about their inhabitants and houses. The program is written in php language.


  1. List all the houses 
  2. List of all tenants or you can add tenants
  3. An options generating  monthly invoices for your tenants
  4. Collect rent from your tenants
  5. Payment statistics for all tenants eg. paid, not paid and have balances.


Download source code using the link below After and extract the zipped file ,find the folder names INSTALL in this folder you will also get the file named rentalmanagement.SQL

 Create a new database and user, give it privilege   and import the file named rentalmanagement.SQL to create all the tables

After importing all the tables you can now run the project in your favourite browser ,create an account and experience the system!

Download password 6780

Download source code

To install please watch the video below