Fantastic Blog Admin source code in php

This is an  fantastic web content management system (CMS) for blogs .The CMS enables you to easily manage your website or blog without much hustle once installed in your server.

With this system you will run your blog easily without wasting time. You can  customize your blog to fit your needs. Some of  great features are  don’t have to touch any code to have your blog up and running.

If you are new  follow the instructions carefully found in the README.txt file after extraction of files.

1.Pretty URLs in the blog
2.Pagination in the blog home page
3.Admin must approve blogs for guests or visitor
4.Better content display.
5.You can remove my back link on the footer.
6. Improved functionality
For pro version contact me  :+254708344101, You can also download source code below for your project.


Download source code using the link below After and extract the zipped file ,find the folder names INSTALL in this folder you will also get the file named fantastic_blog.SQL

Create a new database and user, give it privilege   and import the file named fantastic_blog.SQL to create all the tables

After importing all the tables you can now run the project in your favourite browser ,create an account and experience the system!

Download source code