How to create flash disk bootable

This process involves Windows command prompt  which is known as CMD.  You have to enter some CMD commands. CMD plays an important role in computer, For example cmd can be used to check the serial number of a computer, checking bios information etc. In this tutorial we are going to make flash disk bootable and this flash disk will help us during installation of any other operating system in a computer. Also apart from making flash disk bootable the same process can be used for repairing corrupted flash disk, Sd card e.t.c.  

Bootable process

Step: 1 Press Windows logo + X 

Step: 2 Then press A so as to run cmd administrator 

At the command prompt,

Step 3: Type Diskpart then press enter. Diskpart is command used for storage

Step 4: Type list Disk then press enter, The list disk command displays all the disks on the computer. Note the drive number or drive letter of the USB flash drive.

Step 5. Type select disk , example select disk 1 or select disk 2 

where X is the drive number or drive letter of the USB flash drive like select disk 1 or 2 3  you will realised at this point command prompt will displays all removable and internal storage. This can be used to check your actual internal storage of your pc which is disk 0. 

DO NOT TYPE SELECT DISK 0 Otherwise, you may format your internal hard drive.

Step 6:. Type clean, and the press enter. This command deletes all data from the USB flash drive.

Step 7: Now we need to create a new primary partition on the USB flash drive, Type create part pri, and then press enter.

Step 8. To select the partition that you just created in step 7 above, Type select part 1 and then and press enter.

Step: 9 To format the partition, Type format fs=fat32 quick, and then press enter. fs=ntfs quick if you want to transfer large files
Step: 10. Type active, and then press enter.

Step: 11 Type exit, and then press enter.

8. Type again exit and then click enter.

9. Now your flash disk is bootable you can copy your installation files and proceed. 

More command  and parameters that you should also know

The diskpart tool has the following commands and parameters available:

  • select can set the focus on a specific target.
  • select disk – use this command to set the focus on a specific disk. Command Prompt: select disk  
  • select partition – use the select partition command to set the focus on a specific partition.
  • select volume – use this command to set the focus on a specific volume.
  • detail disk will deliver information about the current disk.
  • detail partition will deliver information about the current partition.
  • detail volume will deliver information about.

How to prevent pc from consuming data bundles while browsing.

How to prevent pc from consuming data bundles while browsing.
We introduced a couple of tips that will help you to reduce the data usage on windows operating system. For you to prevent your pc from consuming data bundle, this can be:

  1. Automatic system updates
  2. Syncing.
  3. Apps running in background.
    There are two settings that you need to understand that is system configuration and browser configuration. When pc is connected with phone data, this means no proxy is set.
    System configuration
    When system is set, and configured correctly to any connected network i.e proxy. port or no proxy. Your pc will consume a lot of your data. This will be Automatic system updates, syncing. If you are connected to mobile data, this means no proxy should be applied at this point and your pc will use a lot of bundles. For better understanding follow the steps below.
    Step 1
    Press Windows logo key this is located on the left hand side of keyboard close to fn key and Alt key and type internet options and press enter key, this will open popup windows.

Step 2
Navigate to connection at the menu tab and then LAN SETTINGS

If your pc is connected to mobile hotspot , to prevent it from consuming a lot of data make sure proxy server is checked and give it any address eg press ok to save settings. Now at this point your pc will not use your data since proxy settings are invalid.
Step 3
Open your browser preferably firefox, click at menu , navigate to options then type proxy

Check no proxy

Now you have successfully configured browser internet setting, only browser will consuming data bundles.

  1. Disabling background App
    Disabling background running apps can also prevent your pc from consuming data this can be done by steps below:
    Step 1
    Press Windows logo key and type background Apps, turn off apps as shown below.

Press windows logo + R key to open prompt box.
Type services.msc press enter to pen another windows.
Locate windows updates and double click in the second window select disable and click apply

Have we missed out a step? Let us know in the comment below.

How to Install a Windows Operating System in any laptop

Installing Windows may sound like an overwhelming  yet it’s actually very simple, if you’re installing  Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7. You don’t need to take your computer to any experts for a simple reinstallation,  you can install Windows by yourself. In this tutorial i will explain the installation process of Windows. 

There are three question to be asked during Windows installation, Why do we install Windows, how to install Windows and where to install Windows.

Why do we install Windows?

1. We install Windows when it has affected by virus e.g shortcuts virus. But it is recommended to run latest anti-virus in your system.

2. If you want to creating partition specified amount of space in drive C, this means drive C should not contain any important files ,

NOTE Please make sure to back up all of your important data before proceeding with this installation . You can use external storage for a backup.

3. For upgrading,  e.g Windows 7 to Windows 8. or 8 to 10

Note: Before upgrading, check to make sure your PC meets the system requirements . For example If your device does not meet requirements for Windows 10, you may not have the great experience intended with Windows 10 and might want to consider purchasing a new computer.

Windows 10 Requirements

You can also go to the PC manufacturer’s website for any additional info about updated drivers and hardware compatibility.

4. Changing 64-bit or 32-bit processor (CPU) , for example 32bit(×86) and 64bit(64) To check this on your PC, go to PC info in PC settings or you can search for System type.

System type.

5. Slow start up. Sometimes slow start up can be affected by virus.

You can also disable start-up program prom task manager

6. Less responsive programs.

7. Hdd hard disk replacement.

If your computer experiences signs of hard drive failure, it’s best to replace it before it completely wears out. An this will need windows installation if you were to buy a new hard disk. The hard drive in your computer stores all of your files and the operating system, which is essential to using the computer. Computers can turn on and display the system BIOS screens without a hard drive, so removing the drive doesn’t damage anything — it just renders the computer useless. You will not be able to launch windows.

How to install Windows

Before you install window there are few things that I have highlighted below.


1. Os (operating system) that is Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and this can be downloaded from Here .

2. Set your computer to boot from DVD or USB.

For you to install window you need to have a bootable device such as flash disk. I have done this since 2013 and found flask disk is the best atleast 8GB because all operating system are more than 4GB size.

Step 3 – Choose the Windows 10 clean install option

How to check Counterfeit memory cards or android phone

How to check Counterfeit memory cards or android phone

SD insight is an Android application that enable us to check for counterfeit SD cards or even android phone

How SD Insight works.

1. Download and install the SD Insight app from the Google Play app marketplace or yo can google SDinsight apk and download using browser.

2. Insert your SD card into your Android cell phone. (Note:

You may need to turn off your cell phone to do this).

3. Launch the SD Insight application. In seconds your SD card information is displayed in an easy to understand format on the cell phone’s screen.

You can see information such as manufacturer name, date of manufacture, and the product name and serial number. Click the Menu button to see more detailed information about your memory card.

If you have more than one memory card in your device, you will also be able to see details for each of the memory cards