Computer Virus infection can also be removed through antivirus programs as you know, In this article we’re are talking about Shortcut Virus, a new modern virus automatically comes in your computer removal device and convert all of your content into a shortcut. Some

time this virus makes you content invisible (not showing)with only shortcut icon and storage showing still full.

Shortcut virus can’t be removed by anti-virus programs, even when you scan the shortcut virus infected location with an antivirus, the output will be “No threat detected” and it becomes really confusing. Format over infected storage can’t solve the problem.

The shortcut virus only affect your computer hence turn all removable device to shortcuts. 

Method available to remove any virus is using CMD. Before going through any method, I highly recommend you to First Scan the infected storage with an antivirus, and then go for the below methods. If your USB is bootable then it may change to normal.

Method  one > Using command prompt

Follow the steps below to remove shortcut virus using command prompt (CMD):

You need to access your computer task manager

1. Press Windows logo key +X and then press T key, this will open task manager


2. At the task manager click startup keenly look at programs that are running you will find some unique program. Make sure you Google those programs and get the full description.

3. If you are sure just right click at that program and select end program.

4. Right click again and select “open file location”

5. Delete all files are in that folder and restart your machine.

6. Now your computer virus is fixed but at your removable device they are still virus program, whenever you run it will affect your machine again please insert your removal device and don’t open any file that you don’t know. for more about removing the shortcut virus on a removable device and prevent affecting again your machine.

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