Online Food Ordering content management system

This is an example of  Online Food Ordering content management system. We have provide free download project with source code, projects synopsis and Project report with ease of understanding which help any student to give the primary idea before starting of  Project.

This php source code for Online Food Ordering content management system


Type of users




Admin Features


Manage Vendors

Manage Vendors Products/Food

Manage Customers

Manage Food Order details

Manage Payment details

Vendor Features

Create account /Login

Add Food details

Update Food details

Delete FoodCheck food order

Update food delivery status

Customer Features

View Food details

Register/Create Account

LoginAdd to cart

Update Cart

CheckoutPay Cash On Delivery

Check Food delivery status


Download source code using the link below After and extract the zipped file ,find the folder names database in this folder you will also get the file named online_food.SQL

Create a new database and user, give it privilege   and import the file named online_food.SQL to create all the tables

After importing all the tables you can now run the project in your favourite browser ,create an account and experience the system!


Open connection.php and connection.text to configure

To download SOURCE CODE use the download link below

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