Introduction to Skytop Technologies, DemosCAD

Introduction to Skytop Technologies.

Skytop technologies is a software innovation company whose core business is the development of software solutions for the building and construction industry, the manufacturing and the education sector.

The aim of skytop is to make professionals and students around the world become passionate and skilled in Autodesk AutoCAD and other CAD products.

Their Click-a-tool concept focuses on demonstrating how each tool works when you click on it.

Features in Demoscad:

  • Similar Interface to that of AutoCAD making it easy to replicate a design from the demonstration.
  • When you click on any command tool in DemosCAD, it instantly demonstrates how to carry out a task with that tool in Autodesk AutoCAD software.
  • Each of the tools in DemosCAD contains a project file that is linked to Autodesk AutoCAD software so that users may try out similar tasks with AutoCAD software.

The command tools in DemosCAD are the same tools found in Autodesk AutoCAD software program. They are also located in the same position as they are in AutoCAD. This similarity lets users easily identify and locate the tools in AutoCAD after learning how to work with them in DemosCAD. A person working with AutoCAD can also seamlessly transit to DemosCAD while in the middle of a design project to quickly see how a tool that he is struggling with works and easily return back toAutoCAD to continue with the project.

      Command Tutorials in DemosCAD

Upon viewing a demonstration in DemosCAD of an AutoCAD command tool, you may want to learn more about how the tool is used in a project. Clicking the Command Tutorials tab in DemosCAD opens up tutorials which show a user how the command tool is used with other AutoCAD tools in a Project. This lets you learn how to work with the tool to carry out a design project that require the use of multipleAutoCAD command tools.


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