Implementation and evaluation of an arduino based automatic weather station

1 Background

A weather station is that facility on land which has the instruments and devices for observing and measuring atmospheric parameters to provide the information for weather forecast

Weather monitoring is of great importance because it affects many human activities. The study of day-to –day weather requires connection of a couple of instruments together to form a weather station.

A weather station is an observation post where weather conditions and meteorological data are observed and recorded.

Weather forecasting and monitoring is therefore the application of science in predicting the atmospheric conditions of any place. Weather forecasting is done through collection of quantitative and qualitative data of the prevailing state of atmosphere at any given place.

Modern weather station is automated weather stations which are updated versions of common weather stations which have been in existence for centuries. This project seeks to implement a simple micro-controller based display weather station that measures rainfall amount, wind speed and evaporation rate. It will be developed by using Arduino Uno, LCD display, transmitter type IR sensor and ultrasonic water level sensor. A sensor is used for monitoring a real world physical conditions or variables such as wind speed, rainfall amount, and evaporation rate.

An automated weather station is used to minimize human effort. This project will implement and evaluate an Arduino based automatic weather station using an embedded system to monitor the weather parameters through sensors.

Getting more information on the atmosphere, more frequently and from more locations was determined to be one of the key elements to improving forecast and warning. Thus, automatic weather observing system (AWOS) was developed.

Many sensors that make up an AWOS detect different weather elements and can update the official weather observation many times during one hour. The purposes of the automatic weather station are such that they are used for increasing the number and reliability of surface observations. They do this by;

1. Increasing the reliability of the measurements by using the sophisticated technology and modern digital measurement techniques.

2. Satisfying new observation needs and requirements.

3. Reducing human errors.

Weather monitoring has been very important to man over centuries. Weather parameters are the basic tools that can be used to predict the weather.

Typical weather stations have the following instruments;

1. Thermometer for measuring air temperature

2. Barometer for measuring atmospheric pressure

3. Hygrometer for measuring humidity

4. Anemometer for measuring the wind speed

5. Wind vane sensor for measuring wind direction

6. Rain gauge for measuring liquid precipitation over a set period.

Automatic weather station is small in size and easy to install and they also save man power.

The proposed system measures the real time weather parameters automatically.

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