How watch and earn websites .xyz Scams People

Here’s How  Scams People

First of all, .xyz websites baits you in by promising to pay you a lot of money fast for watching Youtube videos, which is basically like doing almost nothing.

Let’s not kid ourselves here.  Who wouldn’t want to earn a lot of money with so little effort, right?

You take the bait and join .xyz websites

You watch a few of its videos from youtube, and you request a payment of the earnings you’ve generated.

However, .xyz websites tells you that, you’ll need to generate a minimum of $100 by viewing ads in order to get paid.

According to xyz websites, this is the case because they need to know if your intentions about working with them are serious. Apparently, watching videos requires quite the commitment. At that point, you start devoting more time and energy to reach that $100 requirement. After 2-3 hours, you manage to generate that $100 and once again, you request a payment.

This is where xyz starts feeling kinda fishy. Once you request payment after having reached the $100 threshold, .xyz throws at your face a second cashout requirement out of nowhere, telling you that you need to refer at least 30 people to the platform to actually get paid.

xyz promises that after getting those 30 referrals you’ll get paid within 5 minutes as well as earn +40% of the money you’ve generated from referrals  and goes on to offer you the option to buy those referrals out.

At that point, you either start referring people to .xyz or if this seems like way too much trouble for you to go through, you buy them out.  After all, they cost only $10 – $20.

However, once you get your 30 referrals (either by paying them or not), .xyz will throw yet another barrier in front of you, telling you that you’ll need to wait 30-60 days for your account to be approved.

However, xyz also offers a “quick verification” whereas you can get your account approved instantly by depositing $10 in a Bitcoin account .

.xyz  promises that if you pay for that quick verification your money will be transferred to your account within 5-10 minutes.

But wait…

.xyz websites promised that it would pay you 5 minutes after getting your 30 referrals and not only didn’t pay you, but those 5 minutes magically turned to 30-60 days or paying an additional $10.

apparently, xyz isn’t that good in keeping its promises.

So, is it going to keep it this time?

Is .xyz websites going to let you get your hands on your money once those 30-60 days pass or after you pay for a quick verification?


Truth is, .xyz websites  will never actually pay you no matter what you do.

Basically, xyz makes you believe that it’ll pay you a lot of money for doing practically nothing for the 3 following reasons

1.    to make you pay $10 – $20 for the 30 referrals

2.   to make you pay $10 for the quick account verification

3.    or to make you refer other people to it who will pay for their 30 referrals and their quick account verification

and all that, without .xyz actually paying anyone a single dime.

If you’ve already signed up and used the platform, then I am sorry but you have completely wasted your time… If not, run as far away from .xyz as possible and save your time and money.

Here’s a quick overview of how the .xyz websites scam works:

 1.    .xyz lures you in by promising to pay you fast & easy money for viewing ads

2.    Then it tells you that in order to cash out for the first time you need to generate $100 in earnings

3·     Once you meet the $100 threshold, it tells you that in order to cash out you’ll need to make 30 referrals

4.   It also tells you that you can purchase those 30 referrals for $10 – $20

5.  If you purchase those 30 referrals, .xyz owners earn money

6.   If you start referring real people to .xyz, then chances are some of them will purchase their 30 referrals and .xyz owners will earn money

7.  Once you get those 40 referrals, xyz websites tells you that in order to receive your money your account has to be approved 

8.       To approve your account you’ll either have to wait for 30-60 days or pay $10 to a Bitcoin account.

9.     If you pay $10, .xyz’s owners will earn money and you’ll receive $0

10.     Same goes if you wait for 30-60 days with the exception that you won’t have wasted $10 to “speed your approval up”

Well, this is it… This is how the  .xyz scam works.

Get this very well in your head, .xyz will NEVER pay you a single dime!

You will NEVER earn any money with it!

Trying to make money with xyz is just a huge waste of time, energy, and money.

Stay AWAY or you’ll get scammed.

5 Replies to “How watch and earn websites .xyz Scams People”

  1. I tried several sites that promised to pay . After reaching for the payment threshold, I never receive my payment. I believe that 99% of these sites are scam. The advertiser may not be scam but the site or the middle man is a scam.

  2. Thanks, I believe this will go a long way to save many I wasted my time, effort, data nd resources at the end nothing after beating all the barriers

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