How To Update Your KRA Profession in iTax

I am going to share with you the process of  How To Update Your Profession in iTax. Get to know how to update your iTax Profession.

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) recently made some changes on the Employee Profession on iTax Portal. Basically the new changes incorporated three new features on the Employee Profession i.e:

  1. Major Group

Major Groups of Employee’s Profession in iTax

  • Senior Government Officials
  • Professionals
  • Service Workers
  • Transport
  • Craft and Related Trade Workers
  • Plant and Machine Operators, and Fisheries Workers
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Students
  1. Sub Group  
  2. Minor Group

This is inline with the fact that each Employee Profession belongs to a Major Group, which can be divided into a Sub Group and finally a Minor Group of that Employee’s Profession in Kenya. When you select major group there is a drop down of list and you need to select according to your profession. The main purpose of updating a profession Itax  is to validate and update taxpayers’ professional details as part of the ongoing data cleaning initiatives by Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA).” . So, these new changes affect both Students, Employees, Self-Employed, Busisnesses and Companies in Kenya.

How To Update Your Profession in iTax

To update your Profession on iTax, you first have to ensure that that your KRA PIN is active on the iTax Portal. Also you will need your KRA PIN Number and your iTax Password.

If you have forgotten your KRA PIN Number, you can request for reset but make sure you have the email address that you used during KRA pin registration and you can access could be gmail, yahoo or live .

When you log into your iTax Account, you will see a new window pop up requesting you to update your Profession. But, you can’t proceed to using your iTax account like file returns until you have updated your Employee Profession. Please not that if you choose not to update your profession in iTax, you won’t be able to use the full functionalities of iTax portal.

For example

If you have just finished high school and you are in college pursuing a Certificate course in any course. This is what you should select

Major Group                     Student,

Sub Group                         Certificate

Minor Group                     1 Year

Note  that under minor Group you can choose 2 years, 1 Year etc. depending on your course duration.

The are many professions that you can choose from the major group depending on where you belong.

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