How to prevent pc from consuming data bundles while browsing.

How to prevent pc from consuming data bundles while browsing.
We introduced a couple of tips that will help you to reduce the data usage on windows operating system. For you to prevent your pc from consuming data bundle, this can be:

  1. Automatic system updates
  2. Syncing.
  3. Apps running in background.
    There are two settings that you need to understand that is system configuration and browser configuration. When pc is connected with phone data, this means no proxy is set.
    System configuration
    When system is set, and configured correctly to any connected network i.e proxy. port or no proxy. Your pc will consume a lot of your data. This will be Automatic system updates, syncing. If you are connected to mobile data, this means no proxy should be applied at this point and your pc will use a lot of bundles. For better understanding follow the steps below.
    Step 1
    Press Windows logo key this is located on the left hand side of keyboard close to fn key and Alt key and type internet options and press enter key, this will open popup windows.

Step 2
Navigate to connection at the menu tab and then LAN SETTINGS

If your pc is connected to mobile hotspot , to prevent it from consuming a lot of data make sure proxy server is checked and give it any address eg press ok to save settings. Now at this point your pc will not use your data since proxy settings are invalid.
Step 3
Open your browser preferably firefox, click at menu , navigate to options then type proxy

Check no proxy

Now you have successfully configured browser internet setting, only browser will consuming data bundles.

  1. Disabling background App
    Disabling background running apps can also prevent your pc from consuming data this can be done by steps below:
    Step 1
    Press Windows logo key and type background Apps, turn off apps as shown below.

Press windows logo + R key to open prompt box.
Type services.msc press enter to pen another windows.
Locate windows updates and double click in the second window select disable and click apply

Have we missed out a step? Let us know in the comment below.

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