How To Create A New Project/app In Android Studio kotlin language

To create a new project perform the following steps below:

Step 1:

Launch the Android Studio  latest version. You will see “Welcome to Android Studio” on your computer screen you have to give it time to load. After that you click on “Start a new Android Studio project as shown below”.


 Here pick your project template, if you are new pick any Activity but don’t pick Empty Activity.

STEP 3: Now enter the “Application name” and Type the “Company Domain” in the text box and then Click Next button.

NOTE: Company domain is used to uniquely identify you App (package name) but you can change later. Also Another thing to know is that company domain is written in reverse. Ex: can be written as

 STEP 4: Before you click finish button in step 3 make sure your computer is connected to internet this will help Android studio for downloading other missing files.

Now the App is ready for installation but with default content.

 STEP 5:

To test your app click buld in the top menu tab, then Build bundles/APKs then pick APK give it time to build.

 Click locate and copy app_debug.apk to your android phone and install. Having any problem please let me know in the comment area.

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