Facebook Timeline Cloned Script

This is an example of facebook timeline, In this code you will learn how to make a timeline like facebook. live search, wall post, delete wall post, add other that can be found in this application are included.

How to install on server

Create a Database on your host, using PHPwizard or something similar. Run the tables.sql that is part of the download on the database you create, if any errors, fix.

There are many errors in the source code that need to be fixed.
2. Set up the config.php file with the proper permissions
3. Confirm that the register page is working. Add a user and then confirm in your myPHPAdmin
4. In the login.php remove or comment out //echo $qry;
5. Clean up HTML/styles after the database changes are configured.

6. You are free to go.

To download SOURCE CODE use the download link below


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