HTML means Hypertext Markup Language, and is the most widely used language on Web development Front-end and also Android development.  HTML is not a programming  language,  but rather a markup language. This tutorial will gives a complete understanding on HTML especially for beginners and it won’t take more than three weeks.

Hypertext  refers  to  the  way  in  which  Web  pages  are  linked together or a text display.

Markup Language– This is how HTML files works. With a markup language, you simply “mark up” a text document with tags that tell a Web browser how to structure it to display.


Creating HTML file is very simple and easy to understand. First to begin coding with HTML you need only two Requirements:

1.      Text editor

Notepad+ is commonly used, and this can be downloaded from Download Notepad++ and install in your pc.

2.      Web browser.

This can be Fire fox, chrome, Microsoft Edge or any other browser that you have

 Below are simple steps to create a simple HTML file:

Launch Notepad as shown below and press ctrl + N to start a blank file.

Now click File and select save as and give it any name but with html as extension. e.g techadvisor.html.

You can save it in desktop directory as shown below.

Now go to desktop and open your file in browser for example I’m using Internet Explore as my Browser. You should see a blank page as shown.

Now go back to your Notepad++ and write the following code.

1.  <html> (opening tag) At the top of the type <html>

 On the next line, indent one or two spaces and add.

2.      <head> (opening header tag:). type <head>  Note: space will not affect the output.

On the next line, indent some spaces and type

3.      <title> </title>. (Title tag ) type <title> My first website</title>.

Now go to the next line, indent some spaces from the margin and insert the closing header tag: </head>.

On the next line, indent some spaces and type

4.      <body> (Opening tag) type <body>

Add few lines and type the closing tag.

5.      </body> ( closing tag🙂  type </body>

Lastly, add few   line and type.

6.      </html> (closing tag) type </html>

Press Ctrl + S  to save your file.