Create your first program in the C programming language.

This tutorial will help you create your first program in the C programming language.  

Here is what you will need

  • Computer
  • Dev++

Follow the steps below for you to run C on your computer.

1. You need to download a compiler and install it in your pc you can download DEV -C++ {} this will work best.

2. If you want a quick start, you can also run C program online with your phone or pc. online compiler

3. Install Dev/C++ and launch from your computer and press Ctrl +N to open blank page as show below. Copy any code below into the text area: Highlight the code and press Ctrl +C to copy , then click at text area inside Devc++ and press Ctrl + V to paste.

Step 4: Save and Compile Code

Click at the file and select save, a new window will popup, then give your file a name with .C extension and click save. For example hello.c, Egerton.c

Compile your code by going to Execute > Compile.  This will check through the code to make sure that it is a valid C file.

You have now completed your first program.  But don’t stop here there is still much to learn about this great programming language, including arrays, loops, and pointers.  There are many great resources available on the internet .  Here are a few good reference books for that you can check out if you want to continue learning about C

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