How to create flash disk bootable

This process involves Windows command prompt  which is known as CMD.  You have to enter some CMD commands. CMD plays an important role in computer, For example cmd can be used to check the serial number of a computer, checking bios information etc. In this tutorial we are going to make flash disk bootable and this flash disk will help us during installation of any other operating system in a computer. Also apart from making flash disk bootable the same process can be used for repairing corrupted flash disk, Sd card e.t.c.  

Bootable process

Step: 1 Press Windows logo + X 

Step: 2 Then press A so as to run cmd administrator 

At the command prompt,

Step 3: Type Diskpart then press enter. Diskpart is command used for storage

Step 4: Type list Disk then press enter, The list disk command displays all the disks on the computer. Note the drive number or drive letter of the USB flash drive.

Step 5. Type select disk , example select disk 1 or select disk 2 

where X is the drive number or drive letter of the USB flash drive like select disk 1 or 2 3  you will realised at this point command prompt will displays all removable and internal storage. This can be used to check your actual internal storage of your pc which is disk 0. 

DO NOT TYPE SELECT DISK 0 Otherwise, you may format your internal hard drive.

Step 6:. Type clean, and the press enter. This command deletes all data from the USB flash drive.

Step 7: Now we need to create a new primary partition on the USB flash drive, Type create part pri, and then press enter.

Step 8. To select the partition that you just created in step 7 above, Type select part 1 and then and press enter.

Step: 9 To format the partition, Type format fs=fat32 quick, and then press enter. fs=ntfs quick if you want to transfer large files
Step: 10. Type active, and then press enter.

Step: 11 Type exit, and then press enter.

8. Type again exit and then click enter.

9. Now your flash disk is bootable you can copy your installation files and proceed. 

More command  and parameters that you should also know

The diskpart tool has the following commands and parameters available:

  • select can set the focus on a specific target.
  • select disk – use this command to set the focus on a specific disk. Command Prompt: select disk  
  • select partition – use the select partition command to set the focus on a specific partition.
  • select volume – use this command to set the focus on a specific volume.
  • detail disk will deliver information about the current disk.
  • detail partition will deliver information about the current partition.
  • detail volume will deliver information about.

Loan management system

It’s   a system  about small  group

Every group  has a group leader and a group leader must have a unique identification number which associate him/her with his/her group.

The groups are categorized in four categories as follows

  1. Group of men only

2. Group of women only

3. Group of both men and women

4. Group of youth only

The system should be able to say this group has a total of 50 members where by 26 are men and 24 are women this should apply to group of both men and women and groups of youth but for group of men only it should just display total saying total member of group is let say 29 the same to group of women only.

Also the group should have initial capital, it can be money or it can be plantation or it can be livestock like hen or cow or goat

Also the system should display registration date of the group and date the group was established.

Also the system should display the total numbers of members registered in the system

Also the system should display total number of women member in system and total number of men member in the system.

Also the system should display statistics by location let say it should say this village has five groups, and total member in that five groups is 345 where by men are 200 and women are 145.

Also the system should display the numbers of groups registered in the system

Also the system should display if the group is active or inactive.

Also the system should display if the group has loan or has no loan, and if it has loan what is the status of it’s payment.

Location of the group

The system should say this group is in certain region, then certain district, then division and up to village level, this should be a dependent select box, if you choose a region then the district should be displayed and so on, I have already created a database of this region to village level dependent select it’s just to implement it.

Every group should have a registration number of this format HW/ITL/MJ/CBO/72 the last part of the registration number will vary but the other part are constant, during group registration the system should fail to register if the registration number is already registered, the system should reply by custom message with red colour saying that number is already registered .

Also each group must have at least one activity, sample activity are livestock keeping, agriculture, cultivation, farming there are many activities but these are just sample.

The loan Part

Admin should assign loan to the group which need loan and the loan should come from the following part

1) ministry

2) government

3) Donors

4) District council

The amount of loan should be given to the group which need that loan

The date in which the loan was assigned

The due date for the loan to be fully paid

 The interest is 10% of the original amount of the loan

The loan is coming from which parts

On payment of the loan.

The loan must be paid in ten months or twelve months

The system should display original loan

The system should display the remaining amount

The system should display the due date for the loan

The system should calculate repayment schedules and shows the amount which must be paid by the group each month until the loan is finished.

Admin should enter returned amount and feed it to the specific group and debt should decrement.

Admin should be able to print statement showing repayment of any group he/she want to see

Admin should be able to generates reports also the reports should display the current date of report generation..

Admin should be able to generate exports

Also implement nice pagination like in your online quiz project.

Also please implement search, example admin might need to search for a certain group, he/she might search using group registration number or search by or search by group leader location and then do CRUD operation or print group details.

How to use


XAMPP Server /WAMP Server Or Web server. In this example I’m using web server

Step 1 Download the source code and put the file inside public folder or if is Xampp place here “c:/xampp/htdocs/”.

Step 2. Extract the file and go To phpmyadmin or for Xampp server go to “localhost/phpmyadmin” in any browser and create Database named “loan” for web server give it any name and don’t forget to create user with a


Step 3. In That Database, Import loan_management_system.sql found inside the extracted folder and finally open go to URL: “http://localhost/file_name/phpfilename” to configure.

To download SOURCE CODE use the download link below


Download FmWhatsApp 8.26

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The Safest Free Software Download Sites for Windows and other programs

A good Webpage  can protect you against malware some sites contain software’s that are a virus, so it’s better to avoid such free download sites. 

In addition to personal experience, we used these instruments for check webpage reputations and assembling our summary of the best programming download areas: 

Note: No webpage can ever be 100% safe, however these download locales are commonly spotless and advantageous.


The main goal of getintopc is to provide direct downloading link without any wait so that users can enjoy unlimited downloads. You can also request any software for download.

  If you have any good website  in mind, please let us know. Maybe we can include it when we update the article in future.

How to prevent pc from consuming data bundles while browsing.

How to prevent pc from consuming data bundles while browsing.
We introduced a couple of tips that will help you to reduce the data usage on windows operating system. For you to prevent your pc from consuming data bundle, this can be:

  1. Automatic system updates
  2. Syncing.
  3. Apps running in background.
    There are two settings that you need to understand that is system configuration and browser configuration. When pc is connected with phone data, this means no proxy is set.
    System configuration
    When system is set, and configured correctly to any connected network i.e proxy. port or no proxy. Your pc will consume a lot of your data. This will be Automatic system updates, syncing. If you are connected to mobile data, this means no proxy should be applied at this point and your pc will use a lot of bundles. For better understanding follow the steps below.
    Step 1
    Press Windows logo key this is located on the left hand side of keyboard close to fn key and Alt key and type internet options and press enter key, this will open popup windows.

Step 2
Navigate to connection at the menu tab and then LAN SETTINGS

If your pc is connected to mobile hotspot , to prevent it from consuming a lot of data make sure proxy server is checked and give it any address eg press ok to save settings. Now at this point your pc will not use your data since proxy settings are invalid.
Step 3
Open your browser preferably firefox, click at menu , navigate to options then type proxy

Check no proxy

Now you have successfully configured browser internet setting, only browser will consuming data bundles.

  1. Disabling background App
    Disabling background running apps can also prevent your pc from consuming data this can be done by steps below:
    Step 1
    Press Windows logo key and type background Apps, turn off apps as shown below.

Press windows logo + R key to open prompt box.
Type services.msc press enter to pen another windows.
Locate windows updates and double click in the second window select disable and click apply

Have we missed out a step? Let us know in the comment below.

C programming examples


C programming is completely free and readily available on all platforms and easy to understand.

Follow the steps below for you to run C on your computer.

1. You need to download a compiler and install it in your pc you can download DEV -C++ {} this will work best

2. If you want a quick start, you can also run C program online with your phone or pc. online compiler

This article contains examples on basic concepts of C programming like: switch statement nested, functions, pointers, structures etc.

Request for more examples

1. programmig for temperature conversion from celcius to fahreheit

/* c programmig for temperature conversion from celcius to fahreheit
PHONE: 0702262007
int main()
	float celsius, fahrenheit;
	scanf("%f" , &celsius);
	fahrenheit=(1.8*celsius) + 32; //formular for conversion
	printf("THE TEMPERATURE IN FAHREHEIT IS %f\n\n\n\n\n\n\n" , fahrenheit);
	return 0;

2. C program to find the biggest of three numbers

/* C program to find the biggest of three numbers. 
PHONE: 0702262007



	void main()
	    int x, y, z;
    printf("Enter the first number\n");
    scanf("%d" , &x);
    printf("Enter the second number\n");
    scanf("%d" , &y);
    printf("Enter the 3rd number\n");
    scanf("%d" , &z);
	    printf("x = %d\ty = %d\tz = %d\n", x, y, z);
	    if (x > y)
	        if (x > z)
            printf("The greatest is X \n");
            printf("The greatest is Z \n");
	    else if (y > z)
	        printf("The greatest is Y \n");
         printf("The greatest is Z \n");

3. Program To Accept Student Roll No, Marks in 3 Subjects and Calculate Total, Average and Print it

/*Program To Accept Student Roll No, Marks in 3 Subjects and Calculate Total, Average and Print it.


int r,x,y,z, tot, avg;   //The integer should be six , i.e rollno,three subject, total and average.
printf ("ENTER  STUDENT RNO\n  "); //The user is prompted to enter the roll no.     \n for newline
scanf ("%d",&r);   //scanf is to accept roll no from the keyboard    %d for decimal conversion
printf("ENTER FIRST MARKS \n");  //The user is prompted to enter the first marks., \n for newline
scanf("%d",&x);    //scanf is accept first marks from the keyboard     %d for decimal conversion   &y for number to be entered.
printf("ENTER SECOND  MARKS\n");    //The user is prompted to enter the second marks.
scanf("%d",&y);            //scanf is accept second marks from the keyboard
printf("ENTER THIRD  MARKS\n");   //The user is prompted to enter the second marks.
scanf("%d",&z);        //scanf is accept third marks from the keyboard
tot=x+y+z;     // total formular
avg=tot/3;      //avearge formular
printf("\n\n\t\t EGERTON UNIVERSITY  \n\n"); 
printf("STUDENT RNO %d \n",r); // \t is for spacing or tab
printf("\t FIRST   MARKS %d ",x);  //marks display
printf("\t SECOND  MARKS %d ",y);  //marks display
printf("\t THIRD  MARKS  %d ",z);   //marks display
printf("\t AVERAGE MARKS %d", avg);//marks display

4. If-else statement


   /* If-else statement
    int num;
    printf("enter the number\n");
    printf("%d number in even\n",num);
     printf("%d number in odd\n",num);
    return 0;


 /*  AUTOR: OREGO DICKSON NESTED When program requires more than one test     if( expression )    
 {       if( expression1 )     
 {      statement-block1;      }      else       {      statement-block 2;      }     
}     else     {      statement-block 3;     } */ 
void main( )     
int a,b,c;            
printf("Please Enter 3 number");      
printf("a is greatest");      
printf("c is greatest");      
printf("b is greatest");      
printf("c is greatest");      


    void main( )
     char grade;
    printf("ENTER YOUR GRADE\n");
     if (grade == 'A')
     else if (grade == 'B')
     printf("Well done");
     else if (grade == 'C')
     else if (grade == 'D')
     printf("You passed");
     else if (grade == 'F')
     printf("Better try again");
     printf("WROG INPUT");

7. Operator, c programming arithmetic

    void main()
     int a;
	 int b;
	 int c;
	  printf("Please Enter 2 number\n");
     c = a+b  ;
     printf("Total (a+b) = %d \n",c);
     c = a-b;
     printf("Sub (a-b )= %d \n",c);
     c = a*b;
     printf("Mul (a*b) = %d \n",c);
     printf("Div (a/b) = %d \n",c);
     printf("Remainder (a Mod b) = %d \n",c);


/*      Project 2
1.	Declare compile and execute the program using c, giving the output
2.	Explain the program process from source to output ie declaration and assigment
3.	Submit handwritten and email zipped copy of the code

//Autor :Dickson Orengo


int main() {
   const int  LENGTH = 10;
   const int  WIDTH = 5;
   const char NEWLINE = '\n';
   int area;  
   area = LENGTH * WIDTH;
   printf("value of area : %d", area);
   printf("%c", NEWLINE);

   return 0;



/*1.	Declare compile and execute the program using c, giving the output
2.	Explain the  program process from source to output, ie declaration assignment
3.	Submit handwritten and email zipped copy of the code

Autor :Dickson Orengo


// Variable declaration:
extern int a, b;
extern int c;
extern float f;

int main ()    


   /* variable definition: */
   int a, b; 
   int c;     
   float f;     
   /* actual initialization */
   a = 10;    
   b = 20;   
   c = a + b; 
   printf("value of c : %d \n", c); 

   f = 70.0/3.0;        
   printf("value of f : %f \n", f); 
   return 0;

11. C Program To Read Two Numbers And Print The Sum Of Given Two Numbers

/* Program To Read Two Numbers And Print The Sum Of Given Two Numbers.


#  include 
int x,y, sum;      //the three integers are two numbers and the result which is the sum
printf ("ENTER VALUE FOR X\n  ");   //This will be printed out , to prompt user what to do. \n is for new line
scanf ("%d",&x);                  // scanf is to accept input from the keyboard, %d is for decimal conversion &x is for number to be entered
printf("ENTER VALUE FOR Y\n");  //This will be printed out , to prompt user to enter the value of Y. \n is for new line
scanf("%d",&y);   // scanf is to accept input from the keyboard, %d is for decimal conversion &x is for number to be entered
sum=x+y;     //This is the result calculation.
printf("SUM OF THE TWO NUMBER ARE %d", sum); 

Facebook Timeline Cloned Script

This is an example of facebook timeline, In this code you will learn how to make a timeline like facebook. live search, wall post, delete wall post, add other that can be found in this application are included.

How to install on server

Create a Database on your host, using PHPwizard or something similar. Run the tables.sql that is part of the download on the database you create, if any errors, fix.

There are many errors in the source code that need to be fixed.
2. Set up the config.php file with the proper permissions
3. Confirm that the register page is working. Add a user and then confirm in your myPHPAdmin
4. In the login.php remove or comment out //echo $qry;
5. Clean up HTML/styles after the database changes are configured.

6. You are free to go.

To download SOURCE CODE use the download link below


Implementation and evaluation of an arduino based automatic weather station

1 Background

A weather station is that facility on land which has the instruments and devices for observing and measuring atmospheric parameters to provide the information for weather forecast

Weather monitoring is of great importance because it affects many human activities. The study of day-to –day weather requires connection of a couple of instruments together to form a weather station.

A weather station is an observation post where weather conditions and meteorological data are observed and recorded.

Weather forecasting and monitoring is therefore the application of science in predicting the atmospheric conditions of any place. Weather forecasting is done through collection of quantitative and qualitative data of the prevailing state of atmosphere at any given place.

Modern weather station is automated weather stations which are updated versions of common weather stations which have been in existence for centuries. This project seeks to implement a simple micro-controller based display weather station that measures rainfall amount, wind speed and evaporation rate. It will be developed by using Arduino Uno, LCD display, transmitter type IR sensor and ultrasonic water level sensor. A sensor is used for monitoring a real world physical conditions or variables such as wind speed, rainfall amount, and evaporation rate.

An automated weather station is used to minimize human effort. This project will implement and evaluate an Arduino based automatic weather station using an embedded system to monitor the weather parameters through sensors.

Getting more information on the atmosphere, more frequently and from more locations was determined to be one of the key elements to improving forecast and warning. Thus, automatic weather observing system (AWOS) was developed.

Many sensors that make up an AWOS detect different weather elements and can update the official weather observation many times during one hour. The purposes of the automatic weather station are such that they are used for increasing the number and reliability of surface observations. They do this by;

1. Increasing the reliability of the measurements by using the sophisticated technology and modern digital measurement techniques.

2. Satisfying new observation needs and requirements.

3. Reducing human errors.

Weather monitoring has been very important to man over centuries. Weather parameters are the basic tools that can be used to predict the weather.

Typical weather stations have the following instruments;

1. Thermometer for measuring air temperature

2. Barometer for measuring atmospheric pressure

3. Hygrometer for measuring humidity

4. Anemometer for measuring the wind speed

5. Wind vane sensor for measuring wind direction

6. Rain gauge for measuring liquid precipitation over a set period.

Automatic weather station is small in size and easy to install and they also save man power.

The proposed system measures the real time weather parameters automatically.

Download report here