Arduino LED Blinking

Arduino LED Blinking

In this post we will learn how to blink LED with Arduino board.

LED- is light emitting diode that is a semiconductor light source that emits light when current flows through it. It comes with different color. LED has two pin that is Anode and Cathode (smaller pin). Anode is positive pin that is responsible for positive current while Cathode for negative current.

This tutorial will make you to understand how to make LED blinking.


1.       Arduino board X 1pc

2.       Arduino IDE

3.       Led X 1pc

4.       Connecting wire/jumpers

5.       Computer

6.       Fritzing software

Fritzing software

Connect your circuit using the diagram below, for example I’m using Fritzing software to draw this can be downloaded from

Arduino IDE– This will be used for writing code for LED blinking this can be downloaded from copy the source code and place here

Source code.

//blink LED

//Brought to you by DICKSON

Void setup() {

// place your setup code here/ to run once

pinMode(12, OUTPUT);


Void loop() {

//place your main code here, to run repeatedly

digitalWrite(12, HIGH);


digitalWrite(12, LOW);



 We have tested the source code below download and use it

Download Source Code


Download Diagram

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